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The Mysteries of the Tunupa Volcano - Antonio Portugal Alvizuri

The Mysteries of the Tunupa Volcano
Antonio Portugal Alvizuri

The new book from Antonio Portugal Alvizuri, ¨The Mysteries of the Tunupa Volcano¨, will take the reader to intense experiences lived in one of the most beautiful and mystical places of Bolivia: The Salar of Uyuni and the majestic Tunupa volcano, its perpetual natural guardian.

As it is already a characteristic of his books, the challenges and extreme situations present themselves constantly in the narrative of this magnificent book in which the main character, inspired by trust, faith and perseverance, has to overcome grave obstacles while accomplishing ¨missions¨ were trusted upon him by the Beings of Light and the Grand Masters. To reach the summit of the impressive Tunupa, in adverse and painful conditions will be one of the first tests that Portugal has to achieve in order to achieve an encounter with beings from outer space.

Going into an unusual and splendid city located under the Salar of Uyuni, as well as the revelations obtained in its interior of the city, will take us according to the author to the conviction of being privileged by the 

Creator and to make us proud to be part of the Andean Cultures.Incredible discoveries, interviews with prodigious beings, amazing revelations and new prophecies are what constitute the sap that flows with wisdom and strength over humanity on planet Earth. In each and every page of this tale, confirms it so.


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