viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Pakari - The Andean Giant

The Andean Giant

The presentation by Antonio Portugal to the English speaking readers, that takes place in our Andean land, typical of our diversity in Bolivia, is an important task in our present for his books have awakened a special interest on the subjects written about in his previous four books : The Chinkana of the Titicaca (the secret tunnels of the Sacred Lake), Secret Cities in the Andes (the Messages of the Beings of Light), In Contact with the Grand Masters and From Tibet to the Andes, the encounter of two cultures, where he narrates the encounter with beings of light and other contacts that lead to the mission entrusted by Superior Beings.

In this opportunity, the author offers his readers information on a new contact that take him to secret places such as the Great Gallery beneath Tiwanaku as well as new missions that lead him to find an underground city known as: “Latent City” or Secret City describing structures built thousands of years ago. 

In company of a shaman named Kupa, they see giant beings, Cyclops and dwarf beings in a state of hibernation and finding out the reason they are on our planet; the discovery of machines alongside these beings and their apparent function to reanimate these slumbering beings that will help humans in the oncoming destruction as well as their mission to permanently aid people in their astral development. 

He will also include the description of space ships that will serve as transport vessels for humans in the future.

Finally, one can conclude that Portugal continues his sharing of ancient wisdom from Tiwanaku as well as the ancient civilization of Lemuria and keeps surprising us with his findings all of which is an unmistakable source of knowledge and spiritual health.