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In Contact with the Grand Masters - Antonio Portugal Alvizuri

In Contact with the
Grand Masters
Antonio Portugal Alvizuri

In Contact with the Grand Masters” is the third book by writer and investigator Antonio Portugal Alvizuri, who on this occasion lets us know details about his contacts with great characters that dwell in the magical and still secret realm of the Andes. 

The book reveals new experiences just as impressive as the ones referred to in his previous works, related to the deep world of the Andes and principally in Lake Titicaca. This way, this information about his ‘Mission’ given by the beings he is in contact surfaces. 

Those beings show him details about their past lives and explain the reason of their presence in these mysterious dimensions as the astral guides. These beings allowed him access to many of the secrets of the past, knowing the landscapes and characters of other times in an exceptional voyage through time and space going through experiences with ethereal beings through out of body experiences, levitation and journeys to other dimensions. 

His story starts with and revolves around the Sojtallo, a humble aymara character with six fingers in each hand, holder of extraordinary paranormal faculties, who opens for him access doors to spaces where he contacts many characters among them the outstanding Grand Master Huyustus. This Grand Master, aside from revealing great secrets to him, gives him the task of letting the world know some warning signs on the events that will affect humanity in the future. 

These revelations are part of the ‘Mission’ he was given and today shares with his readers and especially, with those who have dedicated their lives to the search of enlightenment and are on the path of self-improvement, waking up their cosmic consciousness.


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